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Useful Resources on Psychology

Looking for information related to psychology and psychotherapy? I’ve compiled some useful resources for you to explore. Feel free to contact me should you have further questions.

Professional Organizations

The following websites provide information pertaining to ethical standards, practice guidelines, and professional conduct requirements to which registered practitioners are held accountable. They also list contact information should you wish to make inquiries or submit a complaint.

College of psychologists of Ontario


These websites contain lists of psychologists currently practicing in the Ottawa-Gatineau area and describe areas of expertise, services provided, age groups served, location, languages spoken, etc. This can be very helpful when looking for a practitioner within your area who has the experience and qualifications you might be seeking.

Ottawa Academy of Psychology

Psychological Associations

These websites provide a wide range of information to both practitioners and to the public regarding questions about the practice of psychology. They also contain many useful resources to help decide what kind of service you might need or prefer.

Canadian Psychological Association
Ontario Psychological Association
American Psychological Association

Psychotherapy Approaches

This website is maintained by Division 12, the Clinical Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association (APA.) It provides useful information regarding various psychotherapy approaches.

Society of Clinical Psychology
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